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Roberts Tate Obtains $1.75 Million Settlement for Wayne County Timberland Owners

Mar 2021

Roberts Tate obtained a $1.75 million settlement for timberland owners in Wayne County who had been illegally charged taxes based on valuations previously declared invalid by the Wayne County Superior Court. Roberts Tate previously represented Rayonier in challenging a 2008 large acreage revaluation. The Rayonier litigation resulted in the 2008 large acreage digest and land schedules being declared invalid. However, Wayne County continued using the same invalid large acreage land schedules for all other timberland owners in Wayne County from 2008 through 2019. Following the Georgia Appellate Courts affirming the trial court’s ruling that the class of timberland owners which Roberts Tate represented were entitled to tax refunds, Roberts Tate successfully negotiated a $1.75 million fund from which refunds will be paid to those timberland owners affected.