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Construction Litigation

The attorneys at Roberts Tate have a significant amount of experience in the construction industry including: drafting and negotiating General Contracts and Subcontracts, advising our clients about state and federal bond requirements and the unique aspects of public work projects, advising our clients about the Georgia statutory lien process, filing or challenging claims of lien, bringing or defending lawsuits regarding the right of payment for work performed or the right to foreclose a claim of lien, litigating negligent construction claims, and brining or defending lawsuits over disputed extended general conditions, liquidated damages, delay damages and critical path delays. The construction industry is a unique specialty within the law that requires particular knowledge and experience. Not just any attorney is qualified to handle construction related matters. The attorneys at Roberts Tate, however, are fluent in both state and federal laws and regulations and have handled a wide variety of construction related issues. The attorneys at Roberts Tate use this knowledge and experience to advise their clients at every stage of the construction process to avoid and resolve issues before they delay the progress of the project. When litigation is necessary, the attorneys at Roberts Tate are prepared to bring or defend the action necessary to protect the rights of their clients.